Point-of-purchase (POP) displays are powerful marketing tools that set your product apart from the competition and increase sales. These marketing materials are placed on top of or alongside the promoted merchandise in retail stores. Strategically located where consumers’ purchasing decisions are made, POP displays are typically featured in highly-trafficked areas on the sales floor, or near checkout aisles.
From a functional perspective, a display should focus on the consumer's wish to purchase goods and should grab the attention, interest, desire, memory, and a series of mental activities. In addition to color, text, graphics, and other elements of interior design, the display stand embodies the use of POP advertising functions. A display of goods must be met to convey information and the sales functions of goods and should have a personal style and structure design.
POP displays can range from simple signage placed next to merchandise, to full floor displays that shelve the product. Designed to be eye-catching, POP displays capture consumers’ attention when they are in the frame of mind to make purchases.

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ACE PRINTING & PACKAGING CO., LTD. is a comprehensive enterprise integrating R&D, Design, Production and Sales of high-quality cardboard POP Displays, including floor displays, peg hook displays, pallet displays, counter displays and advertising standee. Production & quality control are done with the highest industry standards, our structural and graphic designers with the experience and creativity to produce a unique eye-catching product within your timeline and budget.

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